Winter is here, so taking care of our skin is very essential to keep our skin glowing and young. Here let’s go through the tips which prevent all the winter problems such as rashes, chapped lips, dry and itchy Patches, Cracked Heels, Dryness. This article is for all skin types dry, normal as well as oily.

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How To Get Rid Of Winter Rashes, Dry, and Itchy Patches:

Let’s have a look at some home remedies for a winter rash. Mostly Rashes appear on dry skin but even if you have healthy skin during the rest of the year, you have to face these rashes on skin in the Winter season.

Get Rid Of Winter Rashes and Dry skin using this grandma's trick
  • Wash your skin with lukewarm water it should not be hot.
  • Avoid using Soap that makes your skin dry if you want then use natural non-foaming soaps made with oatmeal.
  • Apply any moisturizing lotion on a daily basis.
  • Drink 8-12 glasses of water. Stay hydrated.
  • Use Milk Cleanser: Take a piece of clean and smooth cloth, dip it in milk and apply it over the affected area and let it soak. Milk contains highly moisturizing components that help to smoothen your skin.
  • Avoid tight or itchy clothes.
  • Apply any natural oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil for a whole-body massage once a week which helps to keep your skin glowing and young.
  • You can also apply Alovera gel on your face at night time.
  • For Dry Skin Use Homemade Face Mask (given in detail).

How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips :

Chapped or dry lips are a common problem that can be painful As well As unattractive. Here are some tips for glossy pink and soft lips:

How to get rid of dry lips in winter 100% natural
  • Scrub your lips with sugar which helps to remove dry flakes and dead skin.
  • Night Massage: Take a drop of any oil add a pinch of salt to it and scrub. This makes your lips pink and soft. Repeat this every night for the best results.
  • Use a good lip balm that includes menthol and camphor.
  • Drink water.
  • Apply honey on your lips and leave it overnight, every day. After two weeks you will surely notice a change in lip color.
  • Apply Avocado butter.
  • Avoid Smoking.

That’s all makes your winter amazing with a glowing and young skin. If you still unable to get rid of it then consult a doctor for your skin problems as early as possible.