Hello guys, Are you excited to see what’s the beauty secrets and skincare routine of beautiful Jessica Vill? So let’s get started.

Jessica Vill is an American actress & social media influencer with tons of Youtube subscribers and Instagram followers. She have more than 355k followers on Instagram and 1.66+ Million subscribers on Youtube. She started her carrier as a social media influencer by Instagram few years ago. Because of her beauty and acting skills she became viral and popular in just few years.

I know you also won’t know about her skincare routine and beauty secrets but before that lets know her a little bit.

Source: instagram.com/jbunzie

Jessica Vill Bio

NAME: Jessica Vill
AGE: 25 years old
HEIGHT: 158cm (on 24 Oct 2020) / 5.18 Feets
WEIGHT: 50kg (on 24 Oct 2020)
PLACE: Puerto Rico (USA)
BIRTHDAY: March 29, 1995
PROFESSION: Youtuber and Social Media Influencer
TONE: White
Jessica Vill Skincare Routine
Source: Google.com and IG/jbunzie

Jessica Vill Skincare Routine

Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer, but that’s not totally true. You have to maintain some health care of your skin. You can get healthy and glowing skin by some natural skincare routine. For now, Let’s come back to the topic of Jessica Vill Beauty Secrets.

Sleep Well Glow Well

We can say sleeping is the healing process of our body. If someone coming home from work after a rough day it directly affects the skin. In these conditions, it is very important to just relax and calm down. Jessica Vill prefers to sleep well and never compromises on her sleep. She says the good quality of sleep is much better than heavy cosmetics.

Applying Sunscreen While Outing

She prefers to apply sunscreen before going out, this helps her from getting dark spots and a dull face. Sunscreen prevents the skins from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun and pollution. It is very advisable to use Natural Sunscreen like Glycerin or like Lakme Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen 50 SPF

Massaging Skin Daily Using Rose Oil

Jessica uses Pixi Rose Oil Blend by Pixi Skintreats. Massaging your face daily helps reduce puffiness and creates brighter skin and also increases collagen production which prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Jessica Vill Beauty Secrets & Makeup Routine

Jessica Vill makeup routine is simple and easy to use on daily basis.

1. Cleaning Face

This is her very important beauty secret and first step of her makeup routine. She cleans her face using Glycerin or just water. Cleaning will remove all dirt and oil from your face’s skin.

2. Massaging With Rose Oil

Massaging your face daily helps reduce puffiness and creates brighter skin and also increases collagen production which prevents the formation of wrinkles.

3. Applying Concealer

This stuff is absolute magic by applying it only under my eye and upward into my temple for a lifted look. This is her favorite step and secret beauty tip.

4. Applying Foundation

now Jessica’s ultimate secret to perfect skin was also Marilyn Monroe’s secret and it was the Anita of Denmark Foundation that is still being made today this foundation has seen so many decades because it has done a wonderful job at giving your skin a radiant and velvety finish.

5. Applying LoFi Cream Blush

Using the urban decay lo-fi cream blush and applying it to her cheeks and nose bridge to mimic where the sun would hit using cream blushes look way more realistic and give you a more natural finish.

6. Use Bronzer

Bronzer is use to set the applied cream and conciliar.

7. Highlighter

Using a pearly white highlighter on my cheekbones nose and inner eyes to really look awake and fresh

8. Brown Eye Shadow

Take any light brown eyeshadow you have doesn’t matter which one just one that you like and dust it into your crease and also drag it upwards into a cat-eye shape

9. Shimmery Eye Shadow

Apply a shimmery eyeshadow to your eyelid it could be gold it could be silver whatever you prefer next apply a darker brown with a small brush only to your outer corners to elongate your eye shape as the models do also apply it under your eyes as well.

10. Eyeliner

Eyeliner you can use a brown or black she is using black to create a very thin cat eye. This will definitely help in elongating your eye shape and making it look more.

11. Mascara

Using the Bambi Eye Mascara we will be using half lashes as well. But she wants to mostly depend on Mascara to maintain the natural vibe we are going, for now, also apply under the eye with a dark brown eyeshadow on the outer corner and adding mascara there as well

12. Eyebrow is must

The first step to achieving the model brow is to comb them up and only fill in the gaps that needed filling and enhance the tail of your brow do not fill in where it’s not needed as you want them to look as light and feathery.

13. Pinky Lip Gloss for wrapping up

No matter how a girl do make up, it will be incomplete without Lipstick or Lip-gloss. She like baby pink color lip gloss.

Jessica Vill Makeup Routine