Shirley Setia Diet Routine and Beauty Secrets

Shirley Setia’s diet routine and beauty secrets: Shirley Setia is a popular YouTube singer who drastically gained popularity on Youtube after her viral song “Tum hi ho”. Shirley Setia was born in India and studied in New Zealand. She started her Youtube career as a singer in 2013 and get popular instantly.

Shirley Setia Diet Routine and Beauty Secrets

Shirley has more than 3.82 million subscribers on YouTube and over 6.7 million fans on Instagram. Recently she also made her Bollywood debut in the song “Disco Disco” from move A gentlemen. She also did an album with Gulnazar which also gone viral on Tiktok.

Shirley Setia Diet Routine

Shirley was born on 2 July 1993 in Daman city in India and moved to Auckland, New Zealand cause of family business. She completed her from the University of Auckland also did an internship in Marketing and Publicity from the same university. Shirley’s hobby is singing and cooking, that’s why she started to sing and record it and post to YouTube. Her viral song “Tum hi ho” which she sang wearing a Pyjama made her Pyjama Popstar overnight.

Shirley Setia’s Bio and Stats

NameShirley Raj Setia
FatherRaj Setia
Date of Birth2-Jul-93
Age27 years 6 months 14 days
Birth PlaceDaman, India
Height5 feet 4 inches/ 161cm/1.6meter
Weight50kg / 110lbs
Studied and GrownAuckland, New Zealand
Years Active2018 – Present
HometownDaman in India/Auckland in New Zealand
Zodiac SignCancer
SchoolUniversity of Auckland
College / UniversityUniversity of Auckland
Education QualificationB.Com & Marketing and Publicity.
HobbyCooking and Singing.

Shirley Setia Diet Plan

Shirley Setia’s Diet plan is very simple and natural. She is a foodie but still believes in eating healthy. She likes Dum Biryani very much and also cooked Dum biryani in her latest IGTV(Instagram) video. In an interview, she told me that she likes Sushi, Mughlai, and Lebanese food.

Shirley Setia Diet Routine

She balances her craving for taste with the healthy nutritional need of the body. She put so many veggies in the food she makes which provides her nutrition. She likes to eat green veggies and spicy food like pizza, biryani, and other spicy food in the limit. Her favorite food is Chicken Curry made by her dad and Chicken Biryani made by her Mom.


In the morning she breakfasts with the nutritional egg omelet and veggies. She also eats dry fruits and fruits to maintain her health. At lunch, she likes to have chicken or veg food like paneer or Mughlai food. She knows that how many calories she has to take in. She believes that 80% of your health is dependent on what you eat and 20% is dependent on exercise.

In the evening she likes to have snacks like omelet roll or biryani. At the night she likes to have light food and a cup of milk.

Shirley Setia’s Favourite Dishes

  • Chicken Curry
  • Biryani
  • Green Veggies
  • Mughlai Food
  • Lebanese Food
  • Sushi

Shirley Setia Beauty Secrets

Shirley is very popular for her cute looks and beautiful natural beauty. Her skin is very glowing, natural, and healthy. In an interview she told that she won’t do too much makeup, rather she likes to have a lip balm and face moisturizer. If you want to have glowing skin and beauty like her then you keep reading it below.

She says that keeping your body hydrated and good sleep can improve the glowing skin multiple times. She also believes in doing daily exercise and yoga can improve the quality of the skin.

Shirley Setia Skin care includes:

She starts her morning routine by having a glass of water with lemon juice. After that, she washes her face with water. Shirley uses a little thin moisturizer before applying any sunscreen or other beauty product.

Before going out she applies sunscreen which protects her skin from harmful UV rays. She tells using a moisturizer is her daily routine. She also uses a natural lip balm by Burt’s Bees lip care of mint flavor. At night she uses makeup remover to remove all the makeup and then wash her face and skin with water then apply a little thin moisturizer at night.

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  • Drinking water with lemon to detox.
  • Applying a little thin moisturizer
  • Applying 100% Natural Lipbalm

Full day routine

  • Applying sunscreen before going out
  • Drinking water
  • Not touching her face or skin with dirty hands.
  • Not using too thick moisturizer which can clog her pores.


  • Applying Facemasks sometimes.
  • Removing the makeup
  • Washing face
  • Applying a thick moisturizer before going to sleep.

Final Words

Being a Shirley fan I am following her since the year 2014 and never missed a single video of her without watching. She is my icon and a very good singer and dancer. She is a tiny girl with not so tiny dream (wink!). She is a YouTube sensation because of her beauty and talent. If you liked this you can share this and help me and peoples who want to be like her.

Thank you.

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