What Are the Three Keys to Good Health

What Are the Three Keys to Good Health: Health is the complete state of being physically and mentally balanced. Health is the utmost priority of every living being. We all pray or wish for the good health of ourselves and our dear and near ones and that shows the importance of health.

What Are the Three Keys to Good Health

Good health is the core of human happiness, Health is next to godliness, Good health is the dream of every person and so to achieve good health we need to be.

  • Physically fit
  • Mentally strong
  • Eat healthy

Physical fitness

All of us want a perfect body. It is to be suitable to carry out any activity. The physical appearance reflects the first impression.

Why physical fitness is so important fitness?

  1. Increases a person’s confidence.
  2. A safe hand distance from diseases.
  3. Proper functioning of organs in the body.
  4. Proper functioning of blood circulation in the body

To observe all these in ourselves we need to Be active. Engage yourself in some activities.

  1. Follow some yoga poses and do gymnastics to build flexibility.
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Wet Yourself by swimming
  4. Play football, cricket, etc.
  5. Shake your body through dance, aerobics and Zumba.
  6. Make your muscles strong by lifting dumbbells and weights.
  7. Increase your height by skipping.

Physical fitness does wonders in one’s life. So what are you waiting for? Warm up your body now!

Mental fitness

Mental fitness is very important in today’s life. In these modern times of depression, anxiety and stress, etc. we need to be mentally and emotionally strong. It is dominant in every stage of life.

Why mental fitness is needed for an hour?

  1. Aavoid crises like suicide or other accident due to mental breakdown
  2. Live a happy and prosperous life
  3. Face the challenges and hardships in the life
  4. To be able to keep control of our minds and emotions during a crisis.

How to be mentally fit?

  1. A man is judged by the company he keeps. Create a positive environment . Surround with people of positive attitude. Positivity leads to Success.
  2. Connect yourself with nature: Be nature’s friend, Walk on grass, Plant trees. Peace is radiated when they see greenery. Get adequate sunlight which will remove the darkness in your life.
  3. Keep Calm: Do not get hyper. Do not get angry about small and useless things. Don’t be short-tempered. Have the nature to forgive. For that watch, the sky, sit peacefully in the morning hour.
  4. Meditate: Carry some Anulom-Vilom practices and deep breathing which will decrease your stress level. Keep your inner soul happy and experience peace through this.
  5. Gratitude: There are so many people in your life who have always supported you. Write about the things and people you are thankful for.
  6. Laugh out loud: Laugh for at least 10 to 15 minutes in the morning. Don’t be a miser in laughing. Laughing is the best medicine. Laughing has always been the problem solver
  7. Be in touch with your friends and family.
  8. Share your dark emotions with them and be a relief
  9. Travel: Travelling is a period of time that keeps you away from your daily course for a piece of time. This vacation refreshes you.
  10. Increase your friend circle: A friend is the one we all want in hard times. Friends are the ones to whom we share all our secrets. They are the people close to us. A true friend always support us and becomes a support system in our life
  11. Be a child: Like children don’t get angry or sad by sold or don’t get affected by some ups and downs in the life, in the same way, you too don’t get an effect. Instead, live your life to the fullest!
  12. Bring a smile on others faces: Make everyone happy
  13. Help others: Helping others not only bring happiness in others heart but we too feel proud and happy
  14. Pray: Praying is the fastest and effective way to manage anxiety. One feels like god is them when they need any help.
  15. Have a productive day: Never let your mind sit because an Empty mind welcomes Evil thoughts
  16. Learn: Have the attitude to learn new things.It will be a step to your success and it will make your life more adventurous
  17. Sleep: Get an adequate amount of sleep . Irregular and inadequate sleep irritates oneself and one gets frustrated
  18. Follow your passion: Indulge yourself in the things which give you happiness, for example cooking, writing, reading, listening to songs, etc. Make the best use of your leisure time.

Eat healthy-Stay happy

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. Have a nutritious and horribly good diet. In these pollution days, health is affected the most. Health is the pillar to success hence, we should consume food that is freshly cooked and prepared. A diet is the energy supplement of our body for a day hence, we should keep an eye on what we eat. Our diet pallet should always include all and different colors.

Significance of good diet plan:

  1. Acts as the source of nutrition for our body
  2. To stay healthy
  3. To make our immune system strong
  4. As Health is Wealth

Steps to success of nutritious diet:

Avoid preservatives:

ready to eat foods and Junk Food. These food include a lot of artificial substances to avoid spoilage of food. These food are harmful to our bodies. Foodstuffs such as jams, packed yogurt, pickles, ice creams, pizza, burgers are some of the examples. Long term consumption can even cause health hazards eg. cancer, PCOD – PCOS

Always include salad/soups in your diet:

Fresh and uncooked vegetables are very good for oneself. One should always have vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, coriander, onion, capsicum, zucchini, broccoli and other such vegetables in natural form. These uncooked vegetables give more nutrition than cooked food. Soups are wholesome of nutrition.

Avoid aerated drinks:

Nowadays people drink cokes at parties or in other celebrations. Cokes cause tooth decays and diabetes (as these drinks contain a higher quantity of sugar.)

Respect the food:

Always be thankful for the food. Do not ever waste food. Feel proud that you are getting food. Around 795 million people globally are striving for hunger. One in nine people is insufficient with the food. In India, around 1 million people are malnourished. Hence, always be thankful to God and to the farmers.

Drink Water:

Water is the central living for a person. Every person should at least drink 8-9 glasses of water daily. Drink that much water which will make your urine crystal clear. Our body contains 60% of water. We should always use water wisely.

Always try to include carbs, pulses and have protein intake in your diet. Foodstuffs such as milk, potatoes, beans contain carbs. Include pulses like sweet pea, chickpea, dal, sprouts, etc. Cheese, Yoghurt, eggs, meat are good sources of protein.

Consume fruits:

Fruits are a good source of fiber. Fruits contain natural sugars which are good for the body. Try to eat seasonal fruits.

Intake of vitamins:

There are a lot of vitamins present which are indeed good for the body.

  1. A: Eat food like spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, etc
  2. B: Consume leafy green, Salmon, eggs, oranges, etc.
  3. C: Have tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, kiwis, bell peppers, etc
  4. D: The best source to get vitamin D is sunlight. Sunrays are good for bones
  5. E: Consumption of Avocados, Mangoes, etc
  6. K: Have Dry Figs, pomegranate, Berries, etc.

Eat Homemade foods:

We never know how the outside foods are prepared. We don’t know if they maintain hygiene. These doubts never arise in homemade food. Also, homemade food does not cause any illness.

Drink Khadas:

In the Covid -19 times, drink kadha. Kadhas are immune boosters. Giloy Kadhas, Cinnamon Tea, Tulsi kadha are the best examples.

Health is Wealth. And to be a successful person, make your health the best. So be physically fit, mentally balanced, and eat healthily. Live your life in the best way and in the best health

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